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Silver Surfer

Electronic Punk

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Re: silver surfer?

I hardly think the warning is needed :)
I find that quicktime is very un-invasive, real player well thats a different matter - what does annoy me is that it keeps telling me to auto-update to itunes, an application I DO have issues with...main;y because I would never use it anyway.

Anyway, I never realised the Silver Surfer was a bad guy? But then I never read the comics :)

And lets get Vic back to The Shield, its far better :D


Woah.. I'm still here?
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Silver Surfer was the herald for Galactus.. the "consumer of worlds" - Surfer was the one who scouted the galaxy for worlds that contained enough energy for Galactus..

So, yes in a sense, he was a "bad guy" until he met the Fantastic Four who helped Silver Surfer become a "good Guy" and turn and rebel against galactus.

Not sure how the movie will portray him.. from the rumors I've heard, Galactus is much less of a character and Silver Surfer may remain a bad guy in the movie.

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