Nick M

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Hobos and Tramps, Cross-eyed mosquitos and bowlegged ants, I come before you to stand behind you To tell you of something I know nothing about. Next Thursday (which is good Friday), There will be a convention held in the Womens Club which is strictly for Men. Addmission is free, pay at the door, Pull up a chair, and sit on the floor. It was a summers day in winter, And the snow was raining fast, As a barefoot boy with shoes on, Stood sitting on the grass. Oh, that bright day in the dead of night, Two dead men got up to fight. Three blind men to see fair play, Forty mutes to yell "Hooray"! Back to back, they faced each other, Drew their swords and shot each other. A
deaf policeman heard the noise, Came and arrested those dead boys.

Sure, ok :p


Don`t worry Nick M, those nice guys in the white coats who are at your door right now, will look after you ok.
EP got lots of treatment from them, and you can see how well he is now. :D :D :D


maybe we should all go see a doctor btw? just to make sure we dong have nothing serious???


thanks. btw try giving your son some good natural honey :) . might do the trick. i've so much of all this stuff today already i think i'm gona be sick from all this sweetness.

lol but i did make an appointment to a dentist today.

Nick M

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A fever? Me!? What? I have no idea of what is normal in fareheight ( spelling : ) but celcius, the highest i ever had at home was 39.8. That felt horrible. thats around 105F i think maybe

funky dredd

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About a month ago I went home from work with a fever of 103. I complained I wasn't feeling well all night and when I got home I found out why. Went to sleep and woke up with a 105 fever - not good. Took some more tylenol and went back to bed! Woke up the next day with a fever still, I let my wife sleep in but when she got up I took a nap and my fever broke. I woke up drinched in sweat. I felt so much better but it took me about a week to get my energy back up.

Nick M

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Lucky that it went away that fast. If I ever get a fever, it stays around for quite some time, regredless of what medicine I use.


nick this would be the ultimate medecine for ya :) takes care of all your troubles once and for all.

only use after careful consideration....

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