silent hill 2 and 3 behaving weird


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25 Apr 2002
i just installed a new 9600 XT (gigabyte, 128 mb) to replace my old geforce 4 mx 420, and i wanted to test out these two games. neither look silent hill 2 there are weird graphics (like the one in the picture, the weird line behind the character) and in silent hill 3 everything looks white and black, with the real image appearing every now and then.

any help would be appreciated!

Having only played the PS2 version, I can say that looks ****ing pretty :D

With regards to the problem though, it looks like tearing, do you have both:
i.) Latest drivers for card.
ii.) Any updates for the game that may be out
I noticed that the Omega drivers and some other "tweaked" ones can cause graphics errors, as well as some texture adjustments in graphic tweaking progams.

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