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Signing on to xp-erience.



Every time I sign on to xp-erience, I immediately get a window that comes up saying, this URL not found.

Can anyone put me right on this please.
heya Kirrie... i have a faint whif of what the problem is... need some more details so i can locate and eliminate it :)

Which page are you tryng to login from... URL would be cool :)

and when was this... by the looks of this you managed to overcome the problem...



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Kirrie2001.. you can take a screenshot without using an external prog.. just press 'Print Screen' on your keyboard and go to Paint or any other paint prog and then press Ctrl+V.


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eh, simple.

Logging in from the main page: xp-erience.org/
tries to navigate you to the directory /None/
after processing your login information for reasons unbeknownst to me. I thought I made EP aware of this a while back, but maybe it slipped my mind.

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