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Signed Drivers!

Is there some inherent problem with companies gaining certification for their drivers in XP?

Whilst most large companies have XP or 2000 drivers for their products not that many have signed drivers.

Do you have to pay huge amounts to obtain these signed drivers? Or visit MS’s temple of worship at midnight wearing a black tie and rolled-up shirt?

Probably because the companys are rushing to get the drivers out so there products will be supported by xp and they dont care about whql... it really isnt a big deal at all
If there’s one thing I’ve leaned over the years about software drivers (especially graphic cards drivers) is that they have been responsible for more system crashes than just about all other items added together.

I can’t envisage any operating system working correctly if some of its core components are full of bugs. It might not be such an issue nowadays as device drivers have a higher profile and hence attract higher quality programmers but to me it’s a worry. Two no-signed driver = instability.

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