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Signatures stealing forum focus

It not *really* a site problem, but it is a petpeeve. Everytime I click on a thread to load it, a few seconds later I'm ripped away from what I am reading by a slow loading signature banner. Then I have to rescroll back up to the thread I'm reading. There has been times I needed to rescroll up four or five times before the whole page is loaded.

I don't have this problem with other forums I visit. I'm not really sure if there is a coded focus() somewhere for the banners or not, but its slightly angering. I know a lot of you guys and gals put a lot of work into your banners and avatars, and I appreciate that, but most of the time I just really want to read whats in the post, not check out the banners.

Just kind of sharing my thoughts. And if anyone knows how to possibly fix this on my end, I would worship you greatly for at least 10 minutes :)


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You can go into your User Control Panel, under "Thread Display Options" uncheck the boxes to display avatar, signatures, and images.

That should do the trick.
Thanks Kcnycheif, I disabled banners from there and its much better!

It will still do a jump back down once in awhile, but it nowhere near as bad now.


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Blue Jack said:
Thanks Kcnycheif, I disabled banners from there and its much better!

It will still do a jump back down once in awhile, but it nowhere near as bad now.
No problem, now don't forget, you said you would worship me for at least 10 minutes :)


Blame me for the RAZR's
aaah yes. i dont really care to know how fast your computers all are.
reps for Blue and kcnychief
but.. we have to brag most of us are IT in some way or another.. and we have to show who has the bigger computer.. hehe

I havbe the same problem and while its annoying in its own right i enjoy the sigs. Adds personality to the people. (loooks at my new shark sig) i host from tinypic seems to be fine speed but if someone has a better one to help my one post box then id be glad to change the host. hehe


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It jumps for me as well as the page changes height from the images filling after loading. I like the images so have to deal with it, but if you don't simply disallow them to show viw your CP.

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