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1 Jun 2005
I see on some sites where you have for example an image of lets say the game F.E.A.R. and then on the bottom right corner there is a tag of like Gamespy icon. I want to know how is it done, is there a program that I can do that simpler or do I have to manually put it in everytime?
not to my knowledge, and yes, and what's the problem with that?
Does the gamespy icon actually represent anything? or is it just there for no reason?

An example would be helpful.

The gamespy icon on the bottom right.

I know it could be done back on a forum I was onwhere it would place it automatically if you were a staff member. I don't like doing it manually because then it has to be resized and you want to keep it bigger so that it is slightly sharper when you have to resize down.
You can setup a automated droplet for operations like that in photoshop. I created a tutorial in a thread around here somewhere... lemme see if I can find it.

edit: Found it, keep in mind this was written for a specific task... but using the same methodology and technique you can apply this to your problem as well.
Thanks Aprox. Didn't even know Photoshop had a recording thing like Paint Shop Pro does.

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