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25 Aug 2004
Just to back up zeke here, I have had MANY horrible experiences with Dell tech support. I run a small repair company and have had to deal with Dell on many, many instances with client systems. Every so often I get someone who actually knows what they are doing, and will listen when I explain to them the steps I have already taken, or the information that I need, but it is rare.

'course I also have problems with both them and HP when they don't include actual Windows CD's to repair/recover/reinstall from. I have issues with systems that have the only factory backup as a partition on the hard drive... just stupid.
Thats usually what happens to me, I will call them and you can tell they are reading off of step by step guide and it usually ends with them sending you new hardware, which of course doesnt fix the problem. I turn to forums instead of calling them now :rolleyes:

I called them one time and the guy that helped me sounded so sick he probably should have been in a hospital, I told him my problem about 3-4 times then I was put on hold for about 20 mins(he probably had to goto the bathroom :( ) then he came back and told me he didnt know what to do to fix it. Yeah I wasnt to happy. I did have a good experience with them when I was going to return my monitor though, told them it wasnt what I was expecting and the offered to take it back no questions asked; even though i ended up keeping it anyway :p


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25 Aug 2004
Interesting. Like Sazar, I think your "overpriced" argument could apply to the XPS laptops, but the Inspirons are a very good deal, imo.

And second, my experiences with Dell tech support have been great. :D

Did you have a really bad experience with Dell?
I agree with you there, I guess I wasn't clear enough then. Since BouncingSoul said he wants to get a nice laptop I just assumed he was thinking mid to high teir level. XPS, Alienware.. etc. My main point is that you can save a little bit of money but going with just as good of a company and getting better support to boot. Granted I have never owned a dell and never plan on it, but I have used the tech support for sager. I had to RMA my battery and HD. HD was actually fine, I realized the "issue" (high pitched sound while unplugged) was actually just with that particular brand/model HD. Both times though they were quite helpful, multiple emails per day trying to diagnose and pinpoint the problem. Very nice people to work with. They have that small company feel... they actually give a $hit about you.

I have made my points, in the end whatever laptop you decide to go with I'm sure it will work nicely and do whatever you want it to. I was just trying to shed some light on a lesser known company to try and save you a bit of money.

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