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sigh... fuc*ing world... kids...


In the beginning......
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And what point will they prove, absolutley nothing. The Bar Stewards won't get their way. These people should rot in hell!:mad:
I know man, it's just not fair. Kids, who were going to school for a future. Innocent kids who have nothing at all to do with the Chechan war, suffer this.

My soul cries for humanity :(


Blame me for the RAZR's
man they are fu*king kids..
i mean they shoudknt have to put up with this sh*t
they should play on playgrounds..
and fu*king skin there knees
not get blow up and shot at and used as meat sheilds.

im sorry this just really upsets me.. i have a 10 year old sister.. and my god.. sigh..


I hope the Children and adults that died didn't suffer. I am not religious and I can't prove they're is a God, if there is such an entity I hope the entitly has plenty of coke, plenty of spits and plenty of oil to baist these scumbags, their supporters and hanger-on that caused this, not only in Russia but throughout the World.

I hope these adults and children that were murdered did not suffer and find a comfortable sleeping place. I also hope the parents and relatives of the victims find a way to cleanse their grief.

This is what I hate about the World, it's full-up with fruit and nuts everywhere, that are going to cause it to self destruct and all the good that happens is overcome with shame of the 'scum' that think they know better, fueled by religion and territory.


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This is is just so sad, This has to be the lowest of the low.

How can anyone do this to adults, but children is a whole different ball game.

How do they think they will ever get anywhere by killing kids. Makes me sick to be a part of this planet.


What next? Your city, your local school, my city, my local school, nothing what happens in this day n age suprises me. And Iran has nukes now they are days away from being finalised, it's a massive scenario ready to blow us all to smivereins, for what?

Ohh in the name of God? I fear 2012, I hope, I just hope people see sense.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
this came up in IRC - it remained every bit as scarey - just less words

more immediate - this thread should stay open, but OMG has a whole new meaning....

in this thread....

we need a new acronym - but I am non in the mood, these people deserve more than that - they deserve that we find out about what made those people so fanatical.... I have this deep seated belief if everyone could understand what made people (any people) upset neough to go around killing others then it could be stopped....

maybe I should have not watched UnderWorld...

But do not misunderstand me - I am in no way distracting from the seriousness of this - I want to hear what PK has to say, he is like the Old Testament of OSNN to me.

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