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*Sig* Spaming

hmmm Ant -|- One, your sig still says NTFS, you try to get over the past as well.

Benny I'm heading for the chat room now, will give you a proper spanking when I get there.



Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
hmm i don't like it benny...

b4 ya say it i'm geting a new sig...soon as some 1 makes it..i got several on the go by my litle slave workers:p
Originally posted by sboulema
sorry but henyman your little slave workers.... :mad: youre to stupid to make youre one sig. (j/k) :D

p.s. this isnt a flame
why the just kidding part ? is true

by the way I didn't do mine as well, but I'm not stupid hehehehe



Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
hey i got me new sig!! (xsivforce again)

i don't have any of the programs 2 make a sig....unless u count paint as a prime editing tool:)

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