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Sig request for Resilient (welcome to THIS forum!)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Woo Hooo - a talented graphics designer offers me a sig design!

OK here comes spec of sorts - the info to go in will be for my "new" rig that is currently awaiting it's replacement processor (on order):- so details per below:-

vvvvvvvvvvvvv Start of textural content vvvvvvvvvvv

Nexus "Breeze" Case - AMD64 3500 (Winchester) - MSI Neo2 - ATI Radeon 9700 Pro - 1GB Crucial Ballistix - 200GB SATA, 160 & 80 GB ATA - XP Pro SP2

^^^^^^^^^^ End of textual content ^^^^^^^^^

As for colours and style (and size) - well notice that my current sig includes folding tag - so allow for that to remain and bear it in mind in design - also my avatar (I have had this soooo long I really should update, so if you would like to make matched pair that would be great! Also might mean you do not have to consider matching sig to Avatar).

Now then - styles and pics and stuff - I like smooth and techie effects - the work from ~BK always holds my attention, but is usually too minimal - also as a young person I was into DC comics and cartoons (can you tell by Avatar!) and I guess my favourite was once "Silver Surfer" - so maybe Google some of thos images and let it be a start point/inspiration?

Man I really appreciate this offer - more reppage in store for you Resilient" - and one last question - can you supply it in a format for me to edit within PSP also? I realise you'll use PhotoShop, but I only have PSP so it would be cool if I am able to edit for system upgrades and general stuff.....

made my day when I read your kind offer - go man go - :p ;) :cool:
Here ya go :)



It's the best I could do, but if you want any changes just gimme a shout and I'll work on it. Hope ya like it.

Also, if you could tell me what format PSP uses, I'll see if I can make a conversion. Got the PSD file saved anyways. :)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Most excellent! You are getting more and more rep now - this time I feel you earnt it, and I thenk you. You'll probably find your work on display for a while until i get to play around with the image myself maybe - now as to the format for PSP..... well extensions associated tot he app seem to be .psp .jsl .pfr and .tub. I am a total n00b to areas like this and was just going top ply around in PSP 7 because that is all I have - it may well import from a .psd file as that extension is also listed in it's save as dialog etc. I'll find out more - but for the moment my appreciation of your work will remain original - although please do email whatever formats you believe will be most useful to me (and if anyone else knows best way then do say here, thanks!)

Nice to have a change - I may save it for March so that I can (finally) post in the sigs thread with a new sig.... hehe :cool: so do not worry if "felix" hangs around - I have saved the images.

One tiny weeny worry - with my folding sig adjacent (below) does my sig stay in guidelines? Or was your plan that the folding sig went to the right? I would hate to present it other than you intended - and want to stay in guidelines for sigs too....

[EDIT] oh yeah and one other thing I noticed - I only ever capitalize my sig for folding really - and then it is MainframeGuy (not MainFrameguy like you have it) - you see once upon a time there were these computers and they got called "Mainframes" and I am one of the guys that worked on them (still do actually!)[/EDIT]

thanks again man - way :cool: ;)

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