Sickest and Most Twisted Mind...this is a competition

Perris Calderon

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You are allowed to use any means at your disposal to make your case...this includes photos, anecdotes, threads, etc...;

I make my claim to said glorious title with this thread.

nuff said? or does anybody challenge


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Got you beat dealer....

follow this thread

go to the iconlibrary website mentioned in the second post, without question ugliest icons I have ever seen:D and they want 29 bucks for them too.....what a joke:D

I win.


those icons are so Windows 95, I wouldnt pay nuthin for those icons. Even I could probably make better ones and i got no clue where to even start:p


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Damn gonaads, that ain't fair, oh my god, just got done eating lunch too, that is disgusting:)

Jewelzz said to keep it clean, your disqualified.


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What's even funnier, is I looked at the first one, and still looked at the second one, oh my god, my side hurts from laughing so hard, thanks gonaads:D :D :D


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Sorry Bytes back, I liked Toric19 last response in that thread, hungry with only $3.00 and two cigs, makes for a hard decision, dang that's funny:D :D LMAO

Been there done that
Originally posted by Bytes back

Erm X, what's sick about buttersctotch ? :)
Nothing is sick about butterscotch. But, making a whole thread on it may make some people wonder. I'll try to find something better. I think you guys know me by now. ;)

Perris Calderon

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Originally posted by xsivforce
My entrance. Posted on March 6th.

Sorry gonaads, I had to delete those attachments. I will have to say though, you have already won this competition. :eek:
no fare...I didn't see the entry, and if the entry can't be seen, how can anyone compete? say NO...this competition goes froward

Perris Calderon

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I do beleive you...still, it's a disqualification if it can't be viewed by a family audience....isn't it?...I hope so....I don't want there to be a winner yet...shucks, I feel so beaten:(

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