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Dabba Dooba
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I hope my moom dont see this. She will be pissed cause she likes animals. I think its ****in stupid that someone would kick a lil puppy around its just sad :(


Will they do time under British law lol@the best justice system on this planet? hell no, they will goto court costing the tax payer thousands upon thousands of £'s, get a £25-50 fine, do 20 hours community service and then be allowed to roam the streets looking for their next victim.

This is a prime example of what is wrong with Britain.

B.T.W. in 1951 my uncle Peter did 7 years for putting a spade around the head of a person who was abusing a Horse, don't times change huh.


Well they're just nasty children/people/adults. Got a red hot poker spare Amanda? i know where you'll shove it if you get your hands on em.
Call me extreme but I think if that's how they value the life of a living being then they should be treated in kind. Kick the $hit out of them and then put them to sleep.

People like this just make me sick. Stupid f****ing idiots.



1)How can he afford to buy and feed a Dog that looks pure bred.
2)How can the government allow him to claim social security, when he won't work,
but can afford expensive tattoo's?
3)Why is not in prison already?
4)So what if it is an animal, it's a domesticated animal not fodder, nor is it butchered to eat. So it's still a life and he should be tried for murder.
5)Why aint all the toon boys gone around to his home and given him a good kicking already?

If he lived in my area his ar-se would be hanging from a lampost already.
If I knew where this mamzer lived his days would be numbered already.

Furthermore his child should be removed or it might end up the same way.

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