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Sick of ATI drivers


Tired Zombie
I am frustrated with ati's drivers.
When the drivers do work correctly the card is a beast,but i never had problems with my old ti 4200.
so does anybody wanna buy a 9700 pro AIW?


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have a read through the drivers section of the forums for any fixes...

if you are referring to the OGL issue that has been addressed and fixed...

if it is a different matter post in the trading post area... I have a friend who might be interested if the price is right..


your going to give up on one of the best video cards every, just cause you can't take 15 minutes to trouble shoot and fix it, jeese...


dude, i don't see the edit key anywhere! my other forum has one... but yah, i have the fixed drivers also, and they work fine, along with the tv function
i'm gona try the 3.1s and see how they go

i found that if i have problems with mine, installing the drivers that shipped with it always fix the problem, then i work from there.

edit: aha, i see it now!

king ratt, you know thats a picture of a moogle don't you, not a rat? i'm sorry, but as a veteran secret of mana and final fantasy player, i just can't let that go unignored anylonger.... MOOGLE!


F@H - Is it in you?
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the edit key is @ the top of your post m8 :D

look for a little underlined linky :D

anyways.. the problem with cat 3.9's was a very basic naming error by one of the coders... simply all in wonder v/s radeon... thats all teh error was...

the fix basically renames all in wonder to radeon in the .inf file...

there was no other error :cool:


I have had the 9700 pro since it first came out.Do I need to run a driver uninstaller before puting in the 3.9 driver(s)? Where do I get it if I do? Exactly which 2 or 3 drivers am I supposed to get and install and from where? Guess im kinda used to the GeForce cards. :p


You don't need to uninstall your previous drivers to upgrade to the new ones. Just run the installer. But if you're a gamer, you gotta try the DNA drivers.

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