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:confused: Has anyone built a shuttle barebones system, I have been looking at one on ARIA, is it as simple as putting a processor, memory, hard drive and graphics card. Are they difficult to work on regarding space. SYB-SHU-SN45G2, is the model I am thinking of buying.
Regards Alan


The Analog Kid
I built one when they first came out. I got a barebones system that came with the processor and hsf, so that made it easier. It wasn't too bad. Just had to be patient.


hardware monkey
dreamliner77 said:
Wish I had the cash to build something just for the fun of it.
haha, i was going to say that.

i built one for someone about two years ago with the first xpc shuttle came out with (sv24; pn133t chipset, socket 370, no agp). it was fun, especially since it was the first of it's kind and sort of astonishing how they could put all those features on such a tiny motherboard.

i'd LOVE to build/have the sn45g2.


Birmingham UK
Fun of it

When I said for the fun of it, I meant I have not tried to build one of these before and when it is up and running I will give it to my neice as here computer is a bit long in the tooth and she cannot play the latest games and it keeps on crashing bacause it is to old to be upgraded.
Regards Alan

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