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Shuttle Box Raided?

I have a nice little Shuttle System, SN41G2V3 to be more precise which supports Raid 1,0 and has an onboard s-ata controller.
Currently i am using a Hitachi Deskstar E-IDE hard drive with a 7200rpm spindle speed and 8MB cache. I am considering utilising the onboard s-ata and buying either two 250Gb drives or the seagate 400Gb s-ata drive, what i want to know is:

  • If i got the two smaller drives, what would be my best raid configuration and would there be a huge speed increase?
  • If i got the larger 400Gb drive, will its size do nothing but slow me down?

Im not a huge gamer, or video editor or even a music producer. However i am going by the fact that your computer is only as fast as your slowest part and would like to know whether or not i would see any benifits from such a configuration, as apposed to my current setup.
you would only see a difference if you qwere pushing large amounts of data around
the small reads/writes that occur the rest of the time would probably slow the raid system down rather than up
Well in that case i think i will just go for two 1Gb DIMMs, i currently have two 512Mb DIMMs running dual-channel. So that will be the next upgrade :)

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