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shutdown shortcut



I recently tried out one of the shutdown shortcuts spoken about on various parts of this website...

the whole %system32%\windows\shutdown.exe -s or whatever (I can't remember the specifics

anyway, when I use it, instead of totally turning off my computer like Start->Turn off-> Shutdown does, it goes to the "it is now safe to turn off your computer" screen

how do I get it not to?


OSNN Gamer
sorry catch I'm still not with you
can you be a bit more specific
like a total idiots walkthrough guide
pretty please with cherrys on top
dont know if it makes any difference but I'm looking at the control panel using classic view.
(cant see the wood for trees)
Help me catch your my only hope


OSNN Gamer
don't think my bios has that option - I've got a really cheap mobo with only the very basic options - which hasn't been messed with since I bought it.
Ah well no great loss
prefer to hit power button


I may not have made this clear before, but when I click Start -> Turn off -> Shut down, the computer actually shuts down by itself. And I'm wondering why this doens't happen with the shortcut...surely acpi is enabled if it normally turns off completely from the start menu


Hipster is correct (as usual) . If you use the shortcut you will have to power down manually. Someone posted an alternate shortcut a while back that purported to go all the way to power down, but I don't know anyone who got it to work.

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