Shutdown remotely

how many of these work on 2k?
the shutdown /? doesn't work i know
^ what he said ^

cpugeniusmv said:
do you happen to know the exact location of that policy? i can't find it. running xp pro.

me neither - your proggie looks neat but does nothing for me. Have .Net on both machines. One is Pro and the other Home, but both XP. Also have a third on 98SE - any idea if you'll add that?
got this advice - may help some if they'e still strying

"you need to make sure that
you have permissions on the computer you are trying to
shutdown. For example (unless you are using a domain) you need
to create an account identical to your own (same username
and password) on the remote computer, so that when you
execute the command you don't get the "Access denied error

Also, if you are using XP Pro or 2000, check the Local
Security Settings. In the Control Panel, select Administrative
Tools and open Local Security Settings. In Local Policies >
User Rights Assignments there is a section called "Force
shutdown from a remote system". By default, this is set to
Administrators only. So you need to make sure that you have
administrative privileges to perform the shutdown (or add
extra groups such as users, power users or even everyone)."

However when I am trying with all that set right so far as I know I get an X dialog box off the menu while trying to browse for computers (since it lets you) saying "Directory Service not available". Anyone know which service it refers to - off to msconfig hunt now but maybe someone knows....
wow that program is great, just tested it here.. add the computers you want to shut down, give it a time and *poof* it happes.. i give it a 10, does its job an really easy to use :)
/me waits for check for the endorsemnt

okie when i shutdown remotely windows says "it is now safe to turn off your computer"
Is there a way to make it so it just shuts off and does not show that screen? I think its some windows safty thing but ot sure

its on windows 2k boxs btw

i found
Unable to turn off computer running Windows NT 4.0 (It is now safe to turn off your computer" message appears)
Get SP6a or SP4 and extract its content to some folder, find a file named "hal.dll.softex" and replace "C:\WinNT\system32\hal.dll" with this file.

in the help file but i am on windows2k with sp4.. shouldn't i already have the file? if not is there a way i can just download the file and not the whole sp, or where i can check to see what sp i have installed

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