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shrink msword doc size?


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hi, ive got a .doc and its huge. like 100Mb huge. reason for this is that i have tons of pictures and stuff. How do i get microsoft do shirink it for me. Yes yes i know i should have shrunk the images before i sent it to msword but i was in a hurry. Is there a way to make microsoft shrink the images in the .doc the correct crop and size that i set in microsoft.


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You can get Word 2002 (not sure about earlier versions) to compress all pictures in a document for you - all you do is right click one of your pictures (doesn't matter which) and select "Format Picture" from the menu. Then under the Picture tab, click Compress.

From here, you can select "All pictures in document", and just below that, you can select a resolution for all your pictures (select the one most appropriate for your doc). Make sure you tick "Compress pictures", and if you want to save more space, tick the box for "Delete cropped areas of pictures" at the bottom. Click Ok, then Apply, and the job's done ! :D


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Yeah I remember some hotkey combination where u select the entire document and it basically flattens everything. Problem was it killed embedded objects...

I cant remember what that hotkey combination was though...

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