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show fps in doom3? w/out fraps


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i know that 3d fps games have a fps counter inside the game system. Example for couterstrike to see its current fps is net_graph "3" or cl_fps 1.

i have done the tweak that lets u press "~" to get into console and is wondering what to type inside to get the fps shown. I want to try it without fraps. Bit chuggy when i play. maybe cuz my processor needs upgrading or the 9700pro not powerful enough. wish i could play in high settings with all the advanced settings on. haiz...

does anyone know the command to show current fps in doom3?

p.s. currently downloading the 4.9b drivers but so far the unzipping of the pak files does help abit.

my rig:
AMD xp 1800+
9700 pro 128 (currently 4.6)
512 ddr

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