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Should Paris Hilton go to jail?


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And if you don't know what she did;

She was caught in January, driving while under the influence (DUI). Her blood alcohol level was .08. After which she was put on probation and her license was revoked for 36 months. This time, she was caught just a few months later, driving while her license was revoked.

She's been sentenced to 45 days in jail.

Personally, I feel she should have gone for the full 90 day punishment.


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Seriously, do we need to care about this :)

I mean... seriously? Seriously !!!


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no reason for her to get special treatment, she repeatedly and knowingly broke the law, she should have gotten a longer sentence


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Yep, she should.

Did anyone catch her latest stunt?
Paris Hilton said:
Paris Hilton has used her MySpace site to post a blog urging visitors to sign an online petition that asks authorities for leniency regarding her drink driving conviction.

The petition claims Hilton provides "beauty and excitement to our otherwise mundane lives."
Sooooo, is anyone else's life going to be as incomplete as mine will be without Paris around for 45 days?:rolleyes:

She's just a weeee bit full of herself...good grief.


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Heh heh, now she is gonna be in a true reality show. :p

Hey, it's O.K. if she only got 45 days. If she does it again she could get serious jail time.

Under current California DUI law, a first offense is punishable by jail up to a maximum of 6 months. There is also a fine which, along with mandatory assessments and depending upon the jurisdiction, amounts to over $1500. A suspension of 6 months may be imposed, and attendance at a state-approved DUI school for three months will be required; this may be increased in the event of high blood-alcohol levels. Some judges may also require community service, installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) and/or attendance at "victim's panels" or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The usual period of probation (informal in most cases) is three years.

If so-called "enhancements" are proven or admitted, the law requires more severe minimum penalties. These involve, for example, having a child under 14 in the car, speeding in excess of 20 mph on surface streets or 30 mph on highways, refusing to submit to chemical testing, or having one or more prior convictions within the previous ten years. The speed enhancement carries a minimum 60-day jail sentence. If the case involves a refusal to submit to chemical testing for blood-alcohol, the driver's license suspension is for one year and there is no possibility of obtaining a work-restricted license. One or two prior convictions carry increased jail sentences and longer license supensions; three or more "priors" changes the offense to a felony, punishable by commitment to state prison.

A license suspension of 4 months is also imposed by the Department of Motor Vehicles, although this may be reduced to 30 days followed by five months of work-restriction if you submit proof of (1) insurance and (2) enrollment in an approved DUI school; the court may also impose a suspension.

And if she goes for a 4th in 7years, ooooo, she be jail meat.

VC 23550: Fourth convicted DUI offense within 7 years. Penalty: 180 days to 1 year county jail, or 16 months, 2, 3 years state prison. Note: Considered a "wobbler." May be charged as a misdemeanor or felony at the discretion of the prosecutor.
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It's not that you need to care. It's whether you'd like to share your opinion. I personally don't care if she goes or not, but I would like the law to prevail. She's broken it, she should serve her time like anyone else.


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She should go to jail. If she gets off then what message is being sent? That anyone with serious money and fame can skate on their responsibilities as a driver? If she had hit someone, then what? Daddy pays them off? What if she killed someone? What price do you put on that victims life? The worse of this is if she gets off she will most likely do it again, and again, and then when she really screws up she has no where to go and her life will be over too. It's better this way that she does a little time, it could be only 2 weeks, but that will sink in and maybe she will think with a bit more clarity.

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She should go to a psychiatric institute for much longer than 90 days, but not jail.

Her father on the other hand, should get shot.

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Remember ? I'm from FroggyLand.

PH is at most equal to anyone on earth, higher in no way. She has nothing to say, her opinion does not have any importance to me. Fame should serve others around ourselves, not oneself. Money should benefit others around our own little person.

I do agree for her to go to jail, and 45 day isn't enough; because she's supposedly famous, she should get a higher sentence than others for the example.

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