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should iget this sony cell phone


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I have a Motorola T720

But the Sony looks good. But I think the screen does not look as big.

The Sony is a 101 x 80 pixels display and the T720 is a 120 x 160 pixels display.

But it looks good. :happy:


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I own the T68[Sonyericsson] - very satisfied indeed !

Don't know so much about the T300 one but I recommend one of these ( experienced )

1. Nokia 6310i
2. Nokia 8310i
2.1. Siemens SL45 <-> 55
3. Nokia 7650 ( must have it :confused: )
4. Ericsson T68(i)

Not recommended :

1. Motorola V70
2. Ericsson T29

just my opinion ...
Why do you say so? I just got a whole lot of electornic components, radio equipment, and the chips are all motorola.

Works great. Motorola does not suck butt, it's been around for a while.

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