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31 Mar 2004
I currently have a GeForce 2 MX400 graphics card and was thinking of upgrading as new games such as Splinter Cell 2 do not support my card. I was thinking of buying the Radeon 9600XT which you can buy for around £110. Should I buy the card now or how long should I wait to see if any of the higher spec cards eg Radeon 9800 Pro fall in price with Nvidia and ATI releasing their brand new cards. Should I even buy a Radeon 9600 or is there anything out there that is better for the £90 - £120 mark?
No doubt the 9600 is a good card.

I predict that the price of nvidia cards will drop drastically on April 13th thru to the end of may.
wait till may.. there are various new cards coming out incl pci-express versions of the mainstream cards... :)

then when you upgrade you might have enough to upgrade the mobo as well...
thanks, I think I will maybe wait another couple of months to see if any of the higher spec cards come down in price. Any recommendations and should I stick with the Radein cards?
I doubt prices will tumble once PCI-X cards become available. Probably need to wait at least 6months before you see any major price drops on VGA cards.
dobes you'll be able to see for yourself when the new batch of cards come out wrt just how fast they really are...

the current crop of graphics cards are well good however and you deserve consideration... for dx8... the nvidia lineup is pretty good... for dx9 the ati lineup is pretty decent...
I prefer the ati cards over the nvidia but with both coming out with new chip sents for there new cards my new pci-express card I'm going to buy this summer just might be from nvidia
Damn teddy your good at that I was just about to recommend that same card scolled down the page and there is your post :) surely an amazing deal :)
ummm...hey ted is it just me or is your link not the right link?
Bummer your right TittleBitties, this is because it was a "this week only" deal and its well :rolleyes: the next week. Still was a good deal :)

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