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should i reinstall xp?

hey theres this kinda weird thing when i press alt control delete....it looked regular at first but now when i press it, the box is weird and you know that thing that has the CPU power usage and stuff....well there are no tabs anymore. should i reinstall windwos xp b/c i don't like looking at this weird box when i presss control alt delete.


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try a repair install, keep in mind that you will have to reinstall sp1 also if you have done that



Just double-click anywhere on the window border of the Task Manger. What you are looking at is the Simple View.

xxbigeyedfishxx - you really should be careful about suggesting a reload when it isn't necessary.
DON'T repair install this happened to me to once before. All you have to do is double click on it. I was freakin out for a few minuites but once i realized how easy it was i felt stupid. OH well that should fix it :)
Also with the TaskManager sometimes the Tabs can become hidden if you are using a custom theme. Most of them dont do this but just change the theme and all will be fixed.
Thought I would post that so that people dont reinstall because the tabs dont show up.

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