Should I mod my 9700Pro?




Well I've had my Radeon 9700 Pro for nearly a month now, and I love it dearly, but also wanna give it a long life.

Ive read many reviews including overclocking tips, and I might overclock BUT NOT TODAY, as its way fast enough as it is.

My real question is should I mod the 9700 with some TIN plated BGA ramsinks and a Crystal Orb or is there better cooling options?

I've touched the card after heavy use, and it does get hot, I can feel the heat being blown away by the default fan.

Hope you can give me some ideas.



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my 9700pro is modded...

on the metal clip on the reverse of the card... its supposed to be an extended wrap-around heatsink thinger :)

I have attached a nice copper thermaltake passive cooler on that..

and I have attached 8 bga ramsinks on each one of my exposed memory modules much like you are planning to do..

now remember the heat generated is not that much... I can oc my card out of the box to 380-ish / 365-ish straight up...

I took it past 400/380 after the ramsinks and passsive copper cooler were attached...

this card is highly oc'able though I don't need to do that..

I might bench it later but am happy for now...

as for the crystal orb? I dunno m8... the default cooler from ati is very good actually...

I have seen someone mod a 80mm fan... something like a slimmed donw volcano 9 onto his pcb... but that required drilling and stuff and it is heavy... :) you decide if you want to do that...


Cheers Sazar, you know the score :)

Im gonna leave my card unmodded I reckon, for now, maybe I'll get me some of those ramsinks, but as you say the default cooler is doing a damn fine job as it is.

Thanks again Sazar :)


What do you use to overclock the card? Powerstrip? I tried another app, and bingo, I saw unrendered polygons comming up all over even though I had just pushed it up by about 10 Mhz on the core speed and mem speed.


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I used either rage3d or radeonator... both are equally good..

remember not all cards oc the same... some may not... others may scale ridiculously... it is not an art :) more trail and error and luck than anything else...

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