Should I laugh or cry?


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Some people are just plain stupid. Now if the mutt dies unexpectedly or within the very near future, who gets it's money? The 2 grandkids that didn't get a cent?

Super rich folks with pets are idiots.
Lol@old people and pets. When they start talking about bodily functions and their dogs to strangers all the time, you know the end is near.

The only thing I would like to know about that dog is this: what brand of food do billionaires feed their pets? Or do they just slice up some bloc de foie gras with a dash of sage for them?


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I just noticed they replaced her photo... the one on there earlier gaver her the "angry bitchy grandma" look... which is PRETTY HARD to do if you're a grandma.

No wonder her grand kids didn't get along with her :p


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haha, they did change the photo! Either way, she looks angry. That dog seems to be screaming "HELP ME!"

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