Should I install Cool'n'quiet driver?


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8 Jul 2002
Hey all,

Just completed a reformat, and I used my drivers that came on the disk instead of the platform drivers found in the NVidia site.

My question: Should I install the cool'n'quiet driver found on my disk? That's the only one I haven't installed.

What is the benefits of this driver?

Should I go ahead and install the updated drivers found on the NVidia site?

Everything seems to be working fine.

Don't know too much about this cool'n'quiet stuff.


There were some earlier posts about issues with cool n quiet drivers.

I think it was stability issues with certain releases. Then the last I heard the ones that fixed the stability issue just did not change the speed/noise level.

If you install, get the latest ones off the website to avoid the unstable version. Hopefully someone who went through the issues will fill in the details.
Thanks Leejend,

Hopefully someone who can elaborate any issues they have had with it.

Previous to my reformatting, I did install it, never realized it. Never percieved any issues with it, but, I did hear of problems with it.

Thanks again,

No real issues to speak off.

It can potentially stress your components (i.e. psu) due to ever-changing clocks and volts, but don't know if this is an actual problem.

My main issue is not all applications acknowledge CnQ and work correctly, primarily games.

They recognize the wrong clock speed and work incorrectly. This leads to the game running in hyper-speed mode (think very old movies, i.e. charlie chaplin flicks where everyone runs around at super speed).

I typically have my system at full speed now because of F@H so it really doesn't matter anymore I guess.
I installed it. Noticed no difference whatsoever, so I turned it off as CPU throttling will reduce the life of your CPU slightly.
Great, Thanks for the input, guys,

Actually, come to think of it, Maybe that was the reason that my CPU was always "flicking", even when I wasn't using the machine (just sitting there, idling). I don't notice it doing this now since the reformat.

Maybe the corrupted IE lead me to learn about this today. Thanks IE for corrupting my previous install, and forcing me to reformat and reinstall Windows, and start from scratch, to learn this little tidbit about Cool'n'Quiet.


I don't think it was touched on in above posts, but fwiw you should more than likely always get drivers from vendor websites rather than installing from CD. I know you said with the exception of the CnQ you installed all drivers from the CD.

Just my .02

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