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should i get this dvd burner.


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sraycoz said:
iv been in the market for a dvd burner for sometime. now i ran across this on newegg and was wondering what people thought of it.

Im not sure what to tell you about dvd+-rw. I would suggest buying a brand you are comfortable with. DVD writers sometimes do not do well in transit. I personally own a lite-on SOHW-1633S which is perfect for me and i purchased it at Wal-Mart for 60 bucks. It has some anti-vibration thing built into the chasis incase of that accidential bump into the computer while its writing. If you plan on writing dvd movies the writer is only about a 3rd of the issue. You still need at least a gig of ram and a very good processor and high quality dvd-r or dvd+r that you can write 8x-16x.

16x dvd writers are common and i would think there are any number you can purchase for 60-100 bucks. read the reviews on each one.

If money is your main objective ... I know walmart stocks a sony which you can change the faceplate color and this liteon which i use.


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hmm good info ming. will look into that.

trainmaster77: thanks for the info i have long gone past the act of buying componets from walmart.. I do have the system to run it. (Athlon Xp 2600 gig pc 2700 ram) So i dont think thats gona be an issue. As far as mobility its pretty much gona stay in the same place.

Im all about newegg too. Be ordering from them for along time..
Hmm i love lite on make good burners
what about this.


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You might want to look at LiteOn products. I quite like them because they're durable and you see quite a lot of firmware updates/upgrades floating on the net every month or so. Might be able to get a Single Layer drive for cheap and get the firmware to upgrade it to a DL drive. ;)

Heard people talk about their upgrade before.


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best dvd writers are nec, no doubt about it, and after u get one, hack the firmware from www.rp1.org, those guys are the best, look for herrie, hes the one specializing on most necs he has his site at herrie.org


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they are the best, because they are the best quality ones out there, they burn the best too especially with the hacked firmware, liteon is the best in cd-writers


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I have a NEC 2500 and I use the hacked firmware mafia is talking about and I now have dual layer burning capabilities which I didn't before and more media support. all of my 4x media burns at 8 speed and I have not had one bad burn yet with over 75 dvds burned. I like NEC drives, I recommend them to all my friends, and will probably buy them from now on


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exactly what i did tuff, i think we have tons in common lol. dual layer capabilities really made me happy even though i didnt use it yet!:D


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The LG drive is quite nice as well. it's just a matter of whether the quality compared to the NEC is worth the 20 dollar premium. when I read reviews at various websites about performance for anything computer related unless the difference in performance is HUGE and I will physically see it I don't worry about it. If I were upgrading and the LG drive were within 10 dollars of the NEC I may be swayed to the LG, but not at a 20 dollar premium...

and mafia, it seems like every time one of us post something the next person posts the same thing :) :) :) we seem to have the same experiences with everything or think the same way...weird!!!


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I have a BenQ 1620 and it's constantly ranked right at the top of DVD burners along with the NEC and Plextor (and it's cheaper). LiteOn's DVD drives leave alot to be desired, especially considering the high quality of thier CDRW drives. As far as CDRW goes, Plextor's are the best followed right behind by LiteOn's.

Maybe you should check out www.cdfreaks.com


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i actually like my Lite-On burner. it's normally a 4x DVD+/-RW drive. used one of the crossflashes in the one forum topic, and now it's an 8x DVD+/-RW DL drive. Never had a single disc turned into a coaster or anything. Too bad i probably won't be able to crossflash it to a 16x. :(
well that's the best optical drive i have that one and it's awesome high precision writting can burn cds and dvds and it's not expensive either :D get it
I've posted a link that states the only drive worth considering is the LG, only the aforementiond Benq pips it to the post in one or two minor areas but not enough to justify it over the LG. Do yourself a favourand get the LG :D

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