Should I get a Wii?

Should I get a Wii?

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12 Jan 2006
Hey everyone, I am debating whether or not i should get a Wii.
I love the whole movement aspect of the wii, but are the graphics good?
I have had people tell me they are only as good as last generation systems, like the XBOX and ps2. I think the pictures i find on the net dont do the wii justice, so could anybody tell me how games like COD3 look on the system?
Re: Should I get a wii.

My friends has a Wii. I have to admit the graphics arnt up to 3rd generation standards but i really couldnt give a crap. The whole idea of playing with the remote is fantastic and it is so much fun. Honestly, you will never be bored. Just swinging the remote and seeing your actions repeated on screen is brilliant. If you care about the 'my graphics are better than yours' crap, then dont get one. If you care about having fun...then yes...get one. Hey...get 2.
Re: Should I get a wii.

In short, they (comparatively) look arse. However, if you don't already have a 360 or PS3, you might enjoy the Wii, there's always the argument that graphics don't make a game too, but that's preference, some people can't see beyond the pretties :D

Take a look on for some full quality video's of all the current gen of consoles :)
Re: Should I get a wii.

I think they look like a lot of fun for a few weeks but I can imagine the novelty of the 'wand' wearing off pretty quickly then being stuck with a console that's quite inferior to the X-BOX 360 and PS3. What I really want is a friend of mine to buy one so I can play it for a while but when I get bored I've not lost anything hehe!
I think we should add a poll option for if you should TAKE a Wii or not :p

/needs sleep :eek:
i say 100% yes. you won't be disappointed. it's one helluva fun console to play. right now, i couldn't give a rats arse about graphics..... the involvement with games on the Wii is just spec-f*ckin-tacular. the only game i found kinda weird so far is DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2. for some dumb reason they made it register the attacks as "Cursor Out Up", "Cursor Out Down", etc... as the way to perform the attacks. granted you can basically perform the attacks like in the show even with it like that.... but there seem to be quite a few attacks where you can't have the cursor leave the screen, even if you perform the attack like they would in the show. They could have EASILY made it perform the attack judging by the hand gestures you make, since judging by Wii Sports Boxing, it's rather adept at determining the height you have the remote and nunchuck at.
Thanks guys, I think im gonna try to get it today.
Sounds fun, I dont think i will be getting the xbox360, as i think halo 3 will come out on vista.
Might get a ps3 when it comes down in price.
I agree about the interaction aspects of current Wii games, however, how long will it last? Games have been played with a pad/joystick since their invention, and whilst the Wiimote is revolutionary, will games continue to support it throughout the Wii's life?

The only reason I think it's novelty may wear off is because I own a DS, with the novelty of a touch screen, however with some games I think that developers have just given up on adding in touch-screen support, or have thrown in lame touch-screen support just to say it's there. I can see the same happening with Wii's interaction.
The Wiimote is the first console controller I have used that matches the accuracy of a PC mouse.
Honestly the Wii is a ton of fun but right now the games arent worth it. I would hold off for a year until more major titles come out, like the new mario, metriod, etc. The only game out right now worth owning is zelda, wii sports doesnt count because it comes with the console :p. I would wait a year for a price drop and some better software
I already have a Xbox 360, and I really like it. GoW and Burnout Revenge are lots of fun, Xbox Live is fantastic, and I'm totally looking forward to Halo 3.

I'm only a casual gamer, so I'm not planning on getting another console, but for what it's worth, if I were to get another, it would definitely be the Wii. The PS3 doesn't interest me at all, and I think the Wii would be a nice second console to have because of the uniqueness. So, 360 + Wii FTW! :)
My friend has the wii and he likes it but i dont like it at all, he has zelda for it and he loves it but me im not into it. I have a ps3 but maybe plaid it 2 times in my life lol...
Well no luck in finding one today, im gonna go tomorrow early and see if i can pick one up.
I think the votes are in, and it is obvious that I should get one.

FYI - I hate Zelda :)
Well as much fun as the wii is to use initially some people I have talked to say that after the novelty wears off its really quite boring. Wii Sports is a blast to play with friends but like most simple games it gets boring over time, and as Zeke_mo stated, there really aren't very many good titles out for it yet and considering how much it costs I think you should hold off.

Its a cool system, it just needs DVD support and more "killer apps" to justify its price. I imho I think its ridiculously overpriced for what you get.
I was wondering, how much movement do you have to do with the remote to move you character? do you have to run left to get your character to run left? and what happens if you were playing two player and ran in opposite directions? instant accident :D
you can have my wii

its pretty nice from what i was told

Ill take it!


Dublex....... actual movement is controlled by the analog stick on the nunchuck. the motion sensing/IR aiming is used for stuff like, say in Twilight Princess.... swinging the sword, shield shoves, shooting the bow or slingshot, fishing (FUN!!!), etc... Woulda been ridiculous for Nintendo to have made a console where you actually had to move to move. although.... if they take the next step towards VR gaming.... that just might be it.

Aprox: i agree the titles that are out now aren't THAT great.... but they're still a blast to play. i still enjoy playing Wii Sports, even though boxing is becoming a pain in the arse. and no.... the Wii does NOT need killer apps to justify it's price. the forecast channel is supposed to be opening up in a few days.... the web browser still says "coming soon".... then there's the news channel, and the virtual console. that's all it really needs if you ask me. if anything the PS3 needs LESS killer apps to DROP it's price..... or a lot more features to justify it other than being a BluRay player.

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