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Shoes for sale


On Mar-04-02 at 11:51:51 PST, seller added the following information:

Just if I had to guess how they got haunted: I was walking in Harlem a few weeks ago, and an old man came over to me. He said, he used to live on this street, and a lot the oppressed black people had no jobs and would tap dance on this spot for a few pennies a day. Anyway, he told me of this one guy, Kenny the penny. They called him that cause EVERY time he tap danced, he would get a penny from everyone who saw him. EVERY TIME he was THAT good. Anyway, one day, one of the local thugs, don't know who, shot him for all his pennies, and even took his shoes!! Damn! One day however, his shoes showed up on this exact spot where he was killed. No one knows why, but they do know, that they could only give those shoes to someone who wants them. Otherwise they walk back to the previous owner. So, here this old guy pulls out these shoes, and aks me if I want em. I said ok, and it almost seemed like they flew into my hands!! Anyway, as the guy walked away from me, he chuckled, and said, you don't owe me any money, besides, I still got to get rid of a hand full of pennies. Then he turned the corner, and when I went after him he was gone.
Where did he get that story from?!!? LOL!


ROTFLOL!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA, never thought i would see this on the internet (or in real life)!lololol, what a laugh!OH LOOK!I'VE JUST SAW MY SHOES WALKING AROUND MY BEDROOM!!!OHHHHH I'M GETTING THE HELL OUTTA H

Electronic Punk

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I think it may have pushed thing a little off-topic but I think we are all over it and get get on talking about footwear.
Glad you are back on track. ;) So, do you prefer a pump or a stiletto? I like the stiletto but not for long periods of time. My calves start to hurt. :p
Originally posted by Electronic Punk
I wear socks and sandals.
Now that is not very sexy. :p You should at least try some thigh high boots. I wear them on weekends and alternate wednesdays. ;)

edit: maybe I am telling you guys too much. :eek:


Shoes for sale.

NEVER WEAR SANDALS I knew a guy who did, and some [Brasspole] nailed him to a cross :eek:

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