sharring a dvd drive on a lan


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hi i want to share a dvd drive, using the drive on one pc, to watch a dvd on another pc is this possible? Ive tried just setting the drive's properties to allow other user access but the drive just come's up as a folder to explore(so it shows the files on the dvd and doesnt try to play the dvd) in the network neighbourhood folder
can anybody help?


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In windows explorer, any drive/partition is shown as a folder. When you share a drive, it will also show up as a folder just like the one you mentioned.
I don't know what dvd software you're using, but you might be able to open a dvd file through the 'open file' option if there is any.


Just make sure that you have the bandwidth to do that. You are going to need more than 40Mb consistently to watch the DVD without it pausing every few minutes.