Sharing Internet Connection


i currently have broadband installed and i am looking into buying a new pc. i would like to keep this one and connect both to the internet via broadband.
from what i have read so far all i will require is a router and some cables??

comp 1 comp 2

please explain if this is wrong, because i am fairly new to networking......

also what hardware would you recommend, and if there are any sites with walkthroughs they would be of use also.

any help appreciated :D

EDIT: I don't want to share files between the computers (if that makes any difference)


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You're right on target, but the picture is a bit crappy. :D

 Router (with 4 (or so) port switch)
  / \
C1   C2

(C1 and C2 are computers)
Just connect it all with straight CAT5 cables and you're pretty much done. :) You may have to configure the router if you have static IP and such.


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yes, as Zedric stated, very simple nowadays. You'll have to run configuration on your router, most likely by opening a web browser to your router's LAN side IP address, usually, or something similar that will be in your user manual. This will open a configuration page that will allow you to set passwords for the router and configure username and password for your ISP as well as various other, less initially important settings, such as firewall, port forwarding, and dhcp scope and static addresses. Anyone can do it.

as far as hardware, pretty much they are all the same. Your basic Dlink, linksys, microsoft, etc etc...

so have no fear, even a newbie can pull this task off.
You will need a network interface card (NIC) in each of the PC's. Note NICs are pretty much built into the MB on everything these days so check the PCs before buying a card.

The connection to the PC is Ethernet using a straight through Cat 5 cable for 10/100 servie. They use connetors that look like phone plugs but are bigger(rj45). The connection from the modem to the router can be straight through or crossover depending on the make/model so check before buying cables.

For short connections (10-100 feet) you buy them ready made for longer connections (10-100 feet) you may have to make your own.

Don't let them rip you off on the cables! Some places charge 3 bucks for a cable and some charge 15 for the same damn thing.

As for router setup the biggest thing you need to do is change the setup password from admin or whatever the default is to a real password. Basic browing won't require any special setup. Gaming, FTP hosting, net meeting can require setup. Check back here if you run into any bugs with the advanced stuff.