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6 Apr 2002
Me and my friend have the same ISP which gives bandwidth through a NAT based LAN. We have the same DNS and route to the internet from the same server, but we have different gateways, like my ip is 192.168.x.y and gateway is 192.168.x.1 and his gateway is 192.168.a.b and gateway is 192.168.a.1. So, the question is can we share files at all? If so, how ?
Pinging his IP gives me no results. Forgive me if such a question has been posted before, and thanks to all who have the patience to read this.
If the ISP rules and intent is to prevent file sharing you will not be able to break through. If you do somehow, when they catch you they will cancel your service. Ask the ISP if they allow what you are trying to do. They may say no or that it is an extra cost option. A friend has a firewalled ISP but they sell virtual private networking (VPN) connections as an option to get through the firewall.

That said if you can get through your options are:
1). Set up an FTP file share program. I like bulletproof G6. One of you hosts and the other can access using an ftp client like cuteftp or just by putting into the IE address window. Bullet and Cute are pay for sofwtare there are freeware alternatives. Port 21 needs to be opened in the firewall to allow FTP.

2). Make your own P2P file sharing system. There is software out there for build your own P2P. Do a google search.

3). If you just want to swap files, not actually display a directory you can use MSN IM or ICQ.

Also, make sure you both have the windows firewall turned off when testing to rule that out as a problem. And if you have other software firewalls or hardware routers at either site make sure that port 21 is forwarded to allow FTP.

Make sure you have an up to date antivirus and a firewall up. Sadly the net gets uglier every day.
Thanks for the reply, LeeJend. What I wanted to know was whether we could share files by the normal Windows file sharing method.
Also, if I use MSN or ICQ wont my file share speed be restricted by the internet bandwidth we have (128 kbps). I wanted to transfer files at 100Mbps which is the network speed :D
I'll ask the ISP about it, but they have a poor service desk with very little tech knowledge.
Unfortunately, the answer is no. The reason why (and the reason you can't ping) is because 192.168.X.X is a private IP address. This means that the IP address is only assigned on a local network and can not travel over the internet. Because you two have different gateways, you are on two different networks and since you both have private IP addresses, you will not be able to access each other's computers.
Thanks for clearing that up Reg. I am using Windows XP firewall and AVG 6 Free edition. How good is the XP firewall ?

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