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Sharing Files with a Router


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
You could start with the networking wizard, maybe?

Control panel -> Network -> create new connection

I think you need to be careful in that it always seems to default to creating a network bridge. But these are things you can correct, I believe, and it should get you going.


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Don't run the wizard, if the two PC's are XP home, share something, done. XP Pro, disable simple file sharing, have identical accounts with passwords on both PC's, share something, done.
I tried the Wizard Frist :| Do i need to change anything bk or something?

j79zlr I Tired that and that didnt work, I installed Services then it Worked was that Right?



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I have 3 computers on a network, and 2 are having problems. What do you mean dont use the Wizard. How else are you soppose to do it? How do you disable Simple file sharing? what is it...


Glaanies script monkey
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There is really nothing to it, XP has file and printer sharing by default, you might have to enable NETbios over TCP/IP in the network properties, but that is about it. The networking wizard screws up more networks than it configures. If you have a router and use DHCP, you basically plug the computers in and it works.

If you are using XP Pro, disable simple file sharing then use user accounts with passwords. Then you can use NTFS security permissions to manage your shares. It is very simple, most of the time people over complicate it.


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NTFS, I'm not using ntfs, I am using fat32. Is that what i need... ummm I'll try those other things in a bit....

I am not understanding, I use User accounts, and passwords. What exactly do you mean..grr wish I knew more.
Im Usin XP got it work when Installing Service Under Network Connections Props etc under the Network Card

Read about doing it the NETbios over TCP/IP way but seems dodgy if dont have Hard Passwords :|

B-Man this is what i Done

Go to >> Network Connections >> Network Card You Usin >> Props >> General >> Should See 4 Boxes >> Click Install >> Service >> Done

Thats what i did and worked

Dunno if Right way or Not but did the Trick :D

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