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Sharing a computer and security



Firstly, I'm using the FAT32 file system (Not sure if that's relevant or not).

I just moved in with some people and I'm the only one with a computer (Athlon 1800, XP) and they are using the internet from it.

Now, it is possible to create a user account for them so they can use it when they want but restrict everything so that they can only use the net.

I mean so that they can't access the hard drive files or play games installed on there or do anything. Purely just access the internet.

My ideal solution would be to be able to lock C: with a password or something. Is this possible in XP for a limited account.

Any help would be appreaciated to help me do this.



Thanks but I've already created the account, etc...

I'm looking to find out how I can lock folders/programs, etc...

When I logon as the new account, I can still go to my computer and alter the hard drive files. Is there anyway to stop this?

Also, when I go to make a file private (Right click, sharing and security) the "make folder private" checkbox is greyed out and I can't activate it.

Could this be because I'm using FAT32.
yep its because of the fat32, you mustconvert to ntfs and after that disable simple filesharing, then the checkbox will be enabled.


Could this be because I'm using FAT32.
Indeed it is :)

Anyway, just check out the Microsoft Knowledge Base for detailed info on file sharing. I've posted before how I have mine set up so that my g/f and her kid can do little more than access the net and email. As a matter of fact, I got the basics off this forum and followed up with the M$ Knowledge Base and a page that was linked from the forum.


I'm not that clued up on computers and the guy that built mine made it FAT32.

I've never really understood what's better but I'd be afraid if I did convert that something would go wrong.

Jayha....Did you disable access with NTFS?

Is there anyway to disable access using FAT32 or is it just not possible?

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