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    does anyone know what kind of protocol or systems Windows uses for sharing files on a network? Is it a type of broadcast to all workgroup computers? And how does Windows know if it is a workgroup or not. I've tried to google and wiki this but not too much info out there. Of course, I know it has been figured out, take SAMBA for instance.

    Also, does a router/switch/hub have to support Windows shared files (therefore having to understand the protocol(or whatever) shared files use?
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    tcp/ip would be the protocol windows uses. Or so i believe. The router will support 802.3 and 802.3u (Ethernet and Fast Ethernet) which will allow the "communicating" of the PCs. It gets confusing on how it all actually works as far as what tcp/ip does, but to answer your Q: Any rotuer/switch that you buy now a days ie: netgear, linksys, belkin, etc will all work with windows and windows tcp/ip. If you want to learn the basics of how it all works, look up the OSI Layers. There are 7 of them. That info should point out how a network will actually work.
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    3 little letters for you..


    (Technically, now named CIFS but I will always know it as SMB)

    A switch or router should not have any problems with SMB traffic so long as the router and/or switch are not doing any port blocking (port 139 if I remember correctly is what most of the traffic goes over)
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    What exactly do you want to do?
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    want to monitor my shared files activity, found some software that would do so