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5 Mar 2003
I currently have a shared DSL connection using my Alienware as a gateway with a USB modem connnected to it. All computers on the network have to run through my computer to connect to the Internet. Is there any modem I could buy that would not require my computer to be on for other computers to connect?
You would need a router, and the set up would look like this:


Some commonly recommended manufacturers to look into: Linksys, D-Link, Netgear.
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You would probably also be better off getting an ethernet DSL modem as USB isn't good for networking connection, and finding a router with a USB WAN port would be a challenge.
Ah, didn't notice the USB part. Nicely spotted.

I haven't really seen routers with USB WAN ports. Do they even exist?
Not sure, never looked, but assuming that since they aren't common [to me], my guess is they are more expensive and money would be better spent on getting the right hardware instead of forcing the USB.
You can get ethernet to usb adapters, which i'm told are pretty lame.
I would also recommend getting a router/modem in one, just to cut down on the number of boxes and cabling
Man, thanks for all the suggestions, guys! I was planning on trashing my USB DSL modem, so this stuff is perfect.
Is it a USB/Ethernet Modem? My friend's DSL modem is. If not, Im sure you could call your ISP and get an ethernet one.
Before selecting either one, consider your bandwidth requirements. USB1.1 is obviously much slower than that of USB2. It doesn't matter what your comps USB is rated at, what does matter is the rating of your router/switch/hub or whatever device you may have in your network. The slowest link in the network will most likely be the common denominator, therefore you may want to consider the ether connection (100Mb). If you really need some high end throughput, consider a gigabit router/switch but I would recommend staying away from the USB variety unless the manufacturer specifically states that the USB throughput is USB2.
Just something to think about.

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