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Shareaza Rocks!!!

If you haven't checked out Shareaza I definitely recommend it. I'm on a 28.8 dial-up connection as that's the fastest connection I can get where I'm at (I don't know why they haven't made broadband available where I'm at cause I'm just 5 kms or maybe a bit less out of town... it's just a small town though too) neways... I'm downloading something right now at an average speed of 21 kb/s... it started out at 130 or so and went down from there... but I downloaded 1.4 MB's in less than a min.... usually it takes at least 10 min. to download 1 MB
Check out the screen shot for proof.
I highly recommend this program for your P2P activities. ;)

[edit] Oh ya... I can still surf relatively normally to... it's obviously a little slower... but still not bad... better than when I'm downloading something with getright... then I can't stay signed into messenger... now I can stay signed into messenger and chat normally... I'm impressed [/edit]


This is just my opinion, but I prefer Kazaa. I'm on broadband, (I'm even in a small town, too! ;) ) so I don't really care how fast it downloads, cause I know it'll be fast. (Sorry if I'm raving)
lol... i don't care if you don't use Shareaza... I'm just raving about how good it's doing on my DIAL-UP connection... I'm getting broadband speeds... or speeds I should only be able to get with broadband... I use kazaa too... and for now I still prefer the interface but I think Shareaza is gonna grow on me :D

[edit] you have to admit though that the speed I'm getting is good for dial-up... you can't argue that... and I've never gotten it w/ Kazaa [/edit]


I may actually be insane.
While the program may be reporting that you are downloading at 21k, I highly doubt that you are. You can't get that speed down a phone line.
you know what... i think your right... i was just looking through the settings and one of the options was to display speeds in bits/second, bytes/second, kilobytes/second, etc.... and it was set to bits/second.... not kbytes/second... ah well... it still doesn't explain why I was downloading so much faster than normal... like over a Megabyte in a minute... usually that takes about 10 min for 1 megabyte
it's still a good program though

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