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Anybody play this yet? Just want an opinion before I go out and buy, can't find any reviews yet, it just came out march 25th.


Penguin Rancher
I was in the first wave of the Shadowbane beta. I like to play MMORPGs and I play Dark Age of Camelot daily. I would like to think I have a fine eye for these types of games. That said.

I really really did not like shadowbane. The interface is horrid. I do not think they could design a worse possible interface for this game. Shadowbane is really promising for the extremely detailed character development and Player versus Player features, but I could not stand playing the game long enough to enjoy those aspects of the game.

It is built off the Morrowind core for graphics and anyone who has played Morrowind will see many many familiar landscapes and interface bugs in this game. No touchups.

In Shadowbane, unlike many other MMORPGs, you have an overwhelming amount of choices in how to specialize your character. The different classes of the game can basically take up any weapon or skill. You just have to gain experience and spend your gained levels on the skills.

It was very promising, but very flawed and rushed. In my opinion, everyone would be better off to find a friend who has bought it and see if you like it, or skip it altogheter and buy DAoC or Everquest. I think you would be much happier with them if you are looking for a MMORPG!


Thanks albybum. I don't know about it being rushed. I believe it's been in development for so long that the graphics are dated. I hoped the gameplay and the pvp experience would make up for that, but you answered my question. Hopefully NWN and the expansion will keep me busy. Also have starwars galaxies coming this summer, then of course WOW, can't wait for that one.


If you read his post he said he was playing the BETA. there could be alot more fixes thats in the final version. BETA versions always suck. I was playing the first betas of ragnarok online and it was horrid. Good game but there was many, many flaws. About the game, I heard it was REALLY good. I dont like sitting here building cities in games so it doesnt interest me. Basiclly all you do is get in "parties" and build cities and build up your character. after your city is build and your char is up a little you go attack others and try to destroy their city. *shrugs* sounds like warcraft to me. just a lil better graphics.

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