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SH-S182m issues


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Crap, worst luck with computers this whole week! I got a new dvd-rw..but it wont burn at its full speed and some programs dont see it..any ideas??
Burn at it's full speed-
-Media has to be compatible, some brands of blanks just don't cut it. Which brands work best with a given drive is trial and error or with luck CDfreaks may have it posted.
-You have to run a test of the burner with your system so the burner knows what the system limits are. If it's a slow computer, or burdened with a lot of backgrond crap, the burner may not offer you it's max speed.

Drive not recognized by programs
-What programs? Office ,burner app's etc.?
--Burner programs need to have a profile for the particular burner to support it. Check for updates. Some burner programs that come with drives will not see or work with other model/brand drives.
--Media players may have an issue with codecs, unlikely though. Also if the player came with a certain drive it may not recognize other brands/models.
--General office type programs should recognize any drive thats ADAPI. Check if your new drive requires special software or drivers be installed.


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All my media is 100% compatible for 100% burning speed, with no restrictions..Nero info tool says the max is like 16x, and its not..when i do the firmware upgrade or downgrade all stats go to normal, but when i restart, i loose them again...itunes and windows media player doesn't see the drive as a burner
You won't like this but...

You may have to reinstall Nero after you do the firmware change. It may have stored the info for the old firmware. Also make sure Nero is installed with the latest update files. Oder versions may not know 18x exists. That is what part of the Nero updates is for new drive type support.

Also uninstall and reinstall the drive after a firmware upgrade/downgrade to make sure the drivers see it correctly.

Neither of these should happen but...
Ok, thats a problem. "Not Applicable" only shows up for ide channels that have no drive installed. Check your device 0 and device 1 for both ide0 and ide1 (assuming you have 4 IDE channels , newer boards don't). One of them should show something other than not applicable.

I'm running 1 Sata HD and 1 DVD Burner on IDE1 device 0. So I have 3 not applicable and 1 that shows Ultra DMA 2 which is what you need to get your max burn speeds.

If you don't have a device showing a transfer mode then there is an issue with IDE drivers. They may not be installed.


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ok sweet, i just burned a disc and it burned at 48x....im going to try a dvd....

it says the dvd is buring at 125x (magiciso)...so i guess thats a lot...
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weird after i restarted, the cd-r speed dropped back down to 16x. and now it says my device 1 has ultra dma mode 2, when before it looked like your screen...f'n weird


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You are getting CRC errors. The drive is most likely defective, or you have corruption.

Check your read speed.


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Ok so i was browsing the samsung cd i got for software..and i found a weird dos install, so i ran it, rebooted, and now its burning at 48x for cd's...wtf???


Go to the Nero toolkit and select cd-dvd speed and run a scan. See what it says about some of the disks you have burned.

Run the benchmark also. You may just be getting bad info because Nero can't handle the 18X drive yet. There may be bette rsuppor tin the next nero update. Check there web site.

What version of nero are you using? 6 or 7? Because there has not been an update on my V6 since May 2006. They might have stopped supporting V6 updates for new drives.
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