.sfv files?


format c:
3 Dec 2002
File Type: Simple File Verification

File Extension: .sfv

Description: File contains validation checksums to validate downloaded/uploaded data.

question: i have a .sfv file, and a bunch of files with the file type, 001, 002, 003, 004 all the way to 0045... what do i do with them? i've found SFV creators, but what about "putter together-ers" ? :confused:
hehe go to google and do flashsfv, and download it, open the file you downloaded with it and it will check the files and make sure they are all there and you can unrar them..
.001 and so on is new rar name format, it can either be in r01 or .001 ,
open the .001 with winrar (update to newest) and you will be fine. just sfv check to make sure nothing is missing or messed up.
.001 .002 and so on is a set of files that have been compressed and spanned to several files. You should have a filename.rar. That is your initial file, but you will need the complete set to actually extract most files in the archive.

This is used a lot by warez releasers. I smell warez. hahaha.
was about to say the same thing, sounds like a downloaded game :p
you will probably have a couple of *.nfo files, open them with notepad ;)
when you have those rar files all you do is click and open .001 or .r01 with winrar and click extract to on the top of the gui. .001 and .r01 have been around at least for like 6 years since I've been working with them and are very easy to deal with. Pick the place you want to extract them too and then take a look in that place when you are done extracting. sometimes there is more to extract if there is more than one cd or more than one big file. Then after those are all done you will either have a .bin and .cue file and you use the .cue to burn the file by loading the cue and the bin will burn or you will have your video file to use right from there. There are many different file types that are set up this way and if you need more help post back cause I can go into more depth with this topic. Also the sfv file is most likely useless unless you want to know how many files are in the file pack like .001-.050. Don't worry abou the sfv but if you want to open it just open it up with notepad and that's it
Oh grow up you warez bangers, its their choice whether they break the law and steal or not, no need to go shouting about it.

P.s use QuickSFV.

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