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sfc.exe prompts for winxp cd ?



i just built a new P4 system and installed WinXP Pro

when i installed WinXP Pro i set up my drives as

DVD-rom - primary ide master
CD-RW - primary ide slave

but later after winxp was installed I changed it to

DVD-rom - primary ide master
CD-RW - secondary ide master

now when i run sfc.exe it prompts me for my winxp pro cd and says system files need to be copied to dll_cache for it to run but when i put in the winxp cd into either of the dvd-rom or cd-rw drives it still doesn't recognise winxp cd

it says either the cd-rom drive isn't working or wrong winxp cd ?

i know the drives are working cause it can run winxp cd's setup and boot cd as boot up fine

the only thing i have done lately is flashed the dvd-rom to a region free firmware

any ideas ?
I'm not sure if this is the problem or not but it's something to try. Go to run and type in regedit. Navigate to the the key:


Under "sourcepath" change the value to match the cdrom drive you're attempting to use. This is where your installation path is recorded in the registry. Remember that the installation directory is i386 so the path may be similar to this: L:\I386 (L being the drive letter you've chosen for the cdrom of choice).

You can also get a copy of Customizer XP to do this for you from a GUI. I'm not sure of any other tweaking programs that will do it for you. Good luck.

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