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Several questions on my Linux dual boot


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When I gave my second HD to my wife and bought a new larger slave HD, I wanted to dual boot to Ubuntu and try it. I was wondering if someone could help me with two questions.

1) I had made two NTFS partitions when setting up the HD, a 60 gig partition to be used for Linux and a 140 gig partition for my main HD backups. I guess I didn't pay attention but Ubuntu was installed on the larger partition and the page type file was put at the end of the 60 gig partition. I am going to redo the installation, since I have't put much on the HD. How can I get Ubuntu on the correct partition (just pay attention?). Should I make a third partition for the page type file?

2) I liked Ubuntu, but how can I get my Firefox Bookmarks into Linux, as well as my email contacts for Thunderbird? Do I put them on a floppy or CD? Can Linux read a windows formatted floppy or CD?

Just doing this to learn a little about Linux. I guess I can retype everything and create new bookmarks etc.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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1) you can partition your hard drive during the ubuntu install, when I dual boot system, I always set up windows first, and leave unpartitioned space to use for the other OS.

2) you can simply copy your profile for thunderbird, and copy the bookmarks.html file from your firefox profile.


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Thanks 179zlr for your response. Will reformat my HD with windows, leaving a portion for ubuntu to reformat and install.

I assume ubuntu can read the profile and bookmarks.html file formatted in windowsXP.


Glaanies script monkey
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Sure, IIRC Ubuntu will automatically add the fstab info during the install so your Windows partitions will be mounted, you can grab the files from there.

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