[SevenVG RTM] Download Windows 7 RTM Theme for Windows XP

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
27 Feb 2008
Download SevenVG RTM and SevenVG RTM Black Themes for Windows XP

SevenVG RTM Theme for Windows XP:

"SevenVG" theme is the First and Best Windows 7 look-like theme for Windows XP.


Change Log:
  • New Taskbar buttons similar to Windows 7 RTM (with round corners, updated colors and glow effect)
  • New User Pic frame in Startmenu similar to Windows 7 RTM
  • Windows 7 default Userpic is shown in Startmenu if Welcome Screen is not enabled
  • A brand new Startmenu in Basic style similar to Windows 7 RTM (Thanks to XibaD)
  • MSN icon replaced with Windows 7 logo in Basic Startmenu
  • New Menubar matching with Windows 7 RTM
  • New Quick Launch graphics and buttons spacing updated to match with Windows 7 RTM
  • Quick Launch "Large Icons" issue fixed. Now Taskbar height remains same.
  • A brand new "Styler" toolbar included to match Windows 7 RTM
  • Titlebar buttons graphics and position updated
  • System Tray icons position updated to take less space
  • New "Hide Inactive Icons" resources
  • "Details" view graphics in Explorer updated to match Windows 7 RTM
  • Taskbar resources updated for proper view in Top, Bottom, Left and Right sides
  • New "All Programs" Menu Background matching with Windows 7 RTM
  • And lots of other small graphics updated
  • At last many bugs fixed as usual
You can download the theme using following link:

Download Link

SevenVG Black RTM Theme:

This theme is a Black version of the above "SevenVG RTM" theme.


Download Link

If you are not a big fan of new Windows 7 Superbar, you can try following Normal Taskbar versions of "SevenVG RTM" and "SevenVG Black RTM" themes:

SevenVG RTM Theme with Normal Taskbar:

Download Link

SevenVG Black RTM Theme with Normal Taskbar:


Download Link
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One question. This looks great and I wonder if there is a possibility of adding a search tool and integrating it directly into the start-menu a la vista/windows 7?
^^ We can add fake searchbar in the theme but there is no way of adding a working one.
Wow, that must of taken loads of hours to convert. Good job!
Thanks for sharing Vishal, always good to see you coming up with windows related stuff so soon ;)
Great Theme.

Will try it this weekend when I am back at my main rig :)
Uhm, question - added the icon package to my computer but It wont uninstall the custom package and reinstall the default now...

EDIT: never mind, got it to work on my own.
First post updated with "SevenVG Black RTM" and Normal Taskbar versions release info. :)

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