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Setting up my FTP server II


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hey Guys,

I am now using BulletProofV2.15 Server, I was wondering, Can I post a message on the server program that when someone logs on, it comes up as a popup message on their screen? I do know that there is one message at logon but it gets scrolled through pretty quickly and no one sees it. Hopefully, A popup message would rectify any "important" messages that I want to put out to users before they surf the directories. I can't seem to find it, if it exists, in the help site. Thanks,

No luck bud... That is all controlled on the client side. Nice try though! :) BTW, good choice of program to run an FTP. They configurability of it is great and so is the security. The VFS (Virtual File System) is also nice.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks for the heads up.

How would I be able to do this on the client side? I am using CuteFTPPro on the client side to test my connections and passwords. I would like to post popup messages to all users see.
Thanks in advance........


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