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setting up a wireless network


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hi all,

at the moment i have a dsl router, a "hub" (is that the correct term?) and 3 computers.

the router is connected to the hub via an ethernet cable. all 3 computers are also connected to the hub via ethernet. but now i am looking to get a wireless network going. i guess my question is, what do i need?

my understanding is that i need a new wireless modem/router (is that the same as an access point?) and wireless 'nic' cards for the 3 computers. is that right? i usually do the reading myself, but in the past i have found networking nothing but exhausting.

also, will there be a marked decrease in transfer rates? what sort of range can the router/access point transmit? how secure is it?

thanks :)


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You need a wireless router.
You need 3 wireless dongles
As for speed you will loose speed but unless you are in the 6 gb+ range you will not notice it.
As for security you can password your network.
Make sure your network is G or better
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