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Setting Up A Site


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So I am getting ready to do my first professional website (personal).

I am over at the godaddy.com website, search for my wanted .net address. Going to buy it. What I am wondering is once I do that, how do I get webspace, or more exactly how to i make my webspace go to that address?

I will have more questions..
If you like I can get you a domain through my Enom wholesale account and setup some webspace on my vps for you at no charge while you get started and generate income.

Once you start making money you can move on to better hosting providers :)


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You will get storage and a site when you sign up with a web-hosting provider.

There are thousands of them out there. I would personally recommend buying both your domain and your hosting package through the same company. (e.g. don't buy your domain from one company and your hosting package from another).

If you do buy your domain from a different company, you will need to find out what the DNS servers are for your host, and then point your domain at those DNS servers. Whoever you register the domain with should give you the ability to do this through some type of control panel.

Different hosts will tailor to different needs. Some focus on space, others on bandwidth, and some on 'features' which usually include Mysql databases, etc... Try to find one that fits your needs.

I currently use http://westhost.com/ I like them because they offer a VPS service which gives me more control over my site, without having to pay for a dedicated server. You can search google for others, or ask people what they recommend.


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Luna, I am sorry, but that is some really bad advice. Buy the domain separate, so if things go south with the web-host, you can take your domains and move them elsewhere. A certain website you frequent made the same mistake once in it's lifetime, and as such lost a domain name when things went sour.

GoDaddy.com has excellent service and is fast, they have also been around for years and years.


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yeah get it from a domain only company, we lost sanitysdemise.com from our original host. We cant change the name server anymore unless we fork over big bucks we don't ant too.

Its stuck on lordoflas name server but i not sure if he has that sever anymore since last time had crashed.


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yeah but cant change the name server on it, the hosting company (the one i used before going to your server has it locked and they wont release it. Unless you have the same name server on your new server, i don't think it will work.
This one

The domain expired on the 21st of June and is now in the redemption period, this period lasts I believe for three months during which time it can be rescued for $160 I believe. After the redemption period it should be removed from SCHLUNDs system. So say end of September you might be able to register it again and once again have control over the domain.


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I don't really see how it matters where you register your domains and host, and why they have to be the same or separate. I have bounced around a few times, started with them in the same place for some, different for others, transferred both hosting and DNS a few times for different providers and no issues.

I don't see why a provider would hold your domain unless you didn't pay your bill. Of course, you want someone reputable.


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What if your hosting provider kicks you out for supposedly breaking their TOS/AUP and then holds the domain hostage, when in reality you followed their 489248902358924359082349823409823409823 GB's of HD space and 458934892489045 GB of transfer rules.

I have seen it happen before. If you have full control over your own domain you can easily move it away to a new host, and not affect visitors to your site, whereas if they are holding it hostage, there is nothing you can do.


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I can see your point, better safe than sorry I suppose. Haven't had that happen to me so I couldn't really relate.

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