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Setting Screen Resolution on Log in


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In Windows XP is it possible to set a specific screen resolution based on who is logging on? I manage a computer lab at a school and we have a keyboarding program that runs at a resolution of 640x480. My question is can we set the default log on to 800x600 and have it change to 640x480 when a log on as "keylab" logs on?

I know they can learn how to change the screen resolution after they log on, bit it would be nice and faster if it were automatically done for them and then set back when they log off. These are 6th graders. Our monitors are 15."

Or can it be done by a script? They all log on as "keylab"


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you could always click on the programs properties and use the compatability tab to start the program in 640x480 and also 256 colours if need be.
In Windows 2k/XP the resolution is bound to the workstation rather than the user account (for various reasons), so unless that power toy has changed things it's not possible to have different resolutions for different users.


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If they log on as individual accounts, ie... J. Smyth, Jane Student... etc. Then XP should remember their settings when they log off and then back on.

Are all the computers networked together to one main? Or what?

edit: I just reread yer post and saw that they all log on as "keylab" :eek:


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I am going to try GoNz0's compatibility method first.

Thanks for the quick responses. You guys never cease to amaze me with your knowledge and resources.

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