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Setting refresh rate


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I have recently bought a new monitor and video card and I am unable to set the refresh rate. I am using windows XP and I have read the help section within it but when I get to the monitor tab within display properties I am not given the option to change the refresh frequency. The monitor type is shown as default monitor but I am unsure as to how to change it.

Any advice would be very welcome.


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What kind of Monitor is it?
Make sure there are no hardware conflicts in the Device Manager.

If it's an LCD screen, you won't be able to change it from 60hz.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks very much for your reply.

It is a Targa Visionary LCD screen and the problem I have is when I try to install my new graphics card (Radeon 9600 XT). Everything seems to work fine but when I go to change the screen resolution after installing the new card the screen goes black and it says out of range. I therefore presumed I had a problem with my monitor. I am sure when I 1st installed the monitor it showed the refresh rate but now I can no longer see it anywhere.
LCD monitors do not have a refresh rate like CRT monitors do.

You should be showing the monitor as a TArga Visionary though, not as default monitor. Under Device Manager go to Monitors and right click it then select uninstall. Reboot and windows should "find new hardware" and install the Targa and any drivers it has like color adjustment file which is important for LCd displays.

If windows can't find the install files for the Targa automatically you may need to do it manually using the CD that came with the monitor.

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