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I have been disabling services like crazy trying to A) Protect myself from Microsoft's Authorising Policy (I do not se why I should give them my details).
B) Speed up my computer. C) Reduce the resource windows steals.

EVENT LOG now comes up with these 3 errors

1) Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine CoCreateInstance. hr = 0x80040206.
2) The COM+ Event System detected a bad return code during its internal processing. HRESULT was 80070422 from line 44 of d:\nt\com\com1x\src\events\tier1\eventsystemobj.cpp. Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services to report this error.
3) DCOM got error "The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it. " attempting to start the service EventSystem with arguments "" in order to run the server:

This means a process must be causing these errors at startup. There must be a way to disable these processes. ANY IDEAS?

Also I want to disable my page file. This worked fine till I opened up Photoshop which relies on the Virtual Memory service (whatever its called) to be running, it does not however need a pagefile. So you can disable the pagefile, but have the pagefile service running for photoshop compatibility. The site that told me how to do this (it envolved using listsvc and stuff in Recovery Console), has closed due to pressure from Microsoft. Can someone tell me how to do this.

Finally the latest Hauppauge WinTV disable capture above 352x288 in 3rd party applications. Can someone tell me how to fix this.

I do not mind using HEX editors and stuff so you techies out there dont have to explain in minute detail.


The errors your getting - don't worry about them they are common when you have certain services disabled - for more info on services check here:

Pagefile - only disable if you have more than 512megs of RAM - also if you are using photoshop then I wouldn't disable PF unless you had 768megs+
Listsvc. The Listsvc command lists every service and driver on the system, as well as the start type. If you have a system that tries to boot but crashes because of a driver problem, Listsvc might help you. Write down all service names that appear on the blue screen, then start the RC. Type listsvc and look for the service names you wrote down. Then, use Disable to prevent the suspect driver from starting, and exit. If the system doesn't start, boot to the RC and try again. (pagefile.sys)

Last problem - sorry can't help you there


cheers for your time sage. firstly though I have 4GB of RAM and am very annoyed with the pagfile. If i set it at the lowest allowed (2MB) it keeps the pagefile at 478MB when I boot up (even though it says it is set at 2mb). In fact it keeps saying it is set at 478Mb untill I set it to 32MB... Very confusing. Anyway I know it is possible to set it on "no page file" and just run the service for virtual memory management so photoshop is fooled.

secondly I use the event log on a regular basis and have figured out how to filter all the repetitive messages that appear (such as warnings for not enabling disk cache). i cannot filter out the errors for those two services mentioned on my first post though because an external process makes them. I could just ignore their unimportant message but I would prefer my log to log stuff I need and maybe my computer would boot quicker without these two processes started (it did when I got rid of Windows File Protection :) )

thirdly I appreciate you for telling me what listsvc does. it shows hidden services and drivers. it does not show you hidden processes that happen at system startup though. information on these processes is highly guarded by microsoft. any information on these is much saught after by the hacking community. i do not wish to decompile windows and read the source code to stop these two processes starting at boot up but I would like it if someone who has figured out how to fix them could tell me.

As to my last thing on hauppauge dont worry I dont think that I'll ever get a response from Hauppauge so everyone that owns their card is still very annoyed with them

Thank you again though Sage, the net needs more people who actually reply to posts rather than leeching
especially since after a gig of ram performance increases are next to nil. XP can address up to 4TB of ram...but using that ram efficiently is a whole other story :)


I agree, never disable the page file. Let windows manage it and, if you have enough ram, it'll stay small. And you will not be able to legally get around "authorizing" your copy of Windows XP. All you send them is a hardware checksum, not specific information about anything. The site sage gave you is one of my favorites...make sure you bookmark it for future use. And at the very least, you need to examine the dependencies for every service you want to disable. Unless you know exactly what a servce does and how it affects your system, you shouldn't be just randomly disabling them. If you do, expect to be reinstalling much sooner than later...
Originally posted by beech
Finally the latest Hauppauge WinTV disable capture above 352x288 in 3rd party applications. Can someone tell me how to fix this.
I cant get mine to work at all. Whenever I try to run anything that uses the TV part it just shows up black and then crashes a minute or so later. I have the WinTV-FM model and my radio works fine, though (couldnt live without it). I downloaded all the updated drivers and programs but I've had no luck.

EDIT. Fixed it. I never thought to turn down the color quality...I've had it at 32-bit and I turned it down to 16-bit and now it works...yay.


ok everyone. cheers for the reply's. First the hauppauge thing, if anyone has reverse engineered their stupid limiter for 3rd party programs I appreciate some help.
secondly. I have got the services and drivers for my system almost down to a tee. Unfortunately the 2 services mentioned originally and 23 internal checks by windows xp (I have logged that many using forensic techniques) oh and I forgot this virtual memory dependency by photoshop, have left me wondering why companies such as adobe and microsoft hide their internal checks and dont allow you to disable them. disabling some checks using a hex editor allow my system to boot in around 26 seconds (11 seconds for POST). NOT BAD. I just need to disable 4 more system checks in windows, and disable the VM check in photoshop, oh and disable hauppauge's limiter.
cheers if anyone can help in this matter because i think some people have gone off the point.


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